Social Media Detox

A month has passed by and I have not logged-in to Facebook or Instagram and I note that my metal state is in a far more positive position than when I was using the social media. I do not miss it, so far. I’m learning how to enjoy life without having to prove anybody that I’m indeed having a good life, without yearning for anyone’s approval (in terms of their interactions towards me such as likes and comments, etc) or keeping metal notes of comparison on  who gets whose likes and I don’t. I’m also learning how to actually connect with people I meet, to be actually interested in their lives that they have to share with me.  I’ve also liked the privacy of my own and the power of being in control of what I want to share and whom I want to share with.

I’m also taking more photos — so much more — of the food I eat, of the places I go, of the people I hang out with and without the intention of uploading and showcasing them to people, I now just take the photos for the sake of having the memories.

Figuratively speaking, if scrolling through FB newsfeed or Instagram was like taking a stroll around your neighbourhood, picking up on negativity is like picking up any trash along the way — who wants to pick up trash and keep with us? But apparently, I might have been doing exactly that in the past — picking up trash and storing inside me and being ill from the trash I had picked up without realising it.   Not being active on social media has also freed up a lot of my time which I now better use at reading while on commute and before I sleep.

I’ll admit my life is pretty quiet without the updates from the social media and I’m not up-to-date with my friends’ current events. But I don’t seem to care that much because if any of those events of my friends’ are worth updating, they are now done in a private message, in person or verbally, which I want to care more than a Facebook update. As for the current affairs, even everyone tends to forget it after some time anyway, why waste time being part of that ?

This note is for me to read it again, just in case, I tend to have relapse to the addiction social media when I decide to activate my FB account.

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