Update for myself

The last post I wrote was in January 2016.

I’m now asking myself; “What the hell happened to all your resolutions?”

I made a resolution on a few things:

  • To get to work early (like 8:45 am).
  • To pray regularly.
  • To read more books
  • To take more photos

That did not last quite long. At least, I was not consistent. I have been leaving home for work at 9:00 AM (let alone reach there at 8:45 AM).

I have not been praying regularly either. I mean I do say prayers maybe 3 times a week, but not consistently every day.

Well, in my defense, I did not declare them as my new year resolutions. They were just my mental notes to do better in 2016 and apparently I’ve failed. Well, I think I’d better put it  “I’m still trying”

But hey, I still have a good 7 more months to go – 7 months is a majority, right?

Also about photo shoot. I intended to take one photo a week and it happened only once so far!  Hmmph.

I haven’t been reading lately either. But I’m planning to buy a bookshelf which will allow me to have more books (now I’m currently reading on my kindle, but I prefer buying books and owning my favorite books in hard copies).

I’m also getting sick of my habit for always checking browsing FB.  Facebook is so addictive. It is getting even more addictive than it was  6-7 years ago.

Well … that’s all about my random jumbled thoughts for now.

1 thought on “Update for myself”

  1. Uh, you still have that buying habit for whatever new resolutions you have. 😀 That doesn’t change despite all the inconsistencies. You and me both, actually. For me, when I was about to keep a habit of journaling, I started stocking up on color pens, post-its and books. But after filling up a page or two, I stopped. I’ll probably have to find where I put my pens. When I was about to back-up my old photos, I bought tons of CD/DVDs and stickers. Those stuff keep appearing from here and there, and sometimes still unpacked, but I still haven’t gotten to do the back-up. >.< Whenever I had the urge to organize, instead of doing it first, I just HAD to run to Daiso or Japan store to buy baskets or boxes. If I wanted to diet, I had to do grocery shopping even though I didn't stick to it. To exercise–buy gym clothes first. To practice Yoga–gotta buy a new mat. And now you are planning to buy a bookshelf and probably even more books. 😛 We'll probably have to break this shopping habit as our main resolution.

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