Week 2 – rekindled love?

My husband (then boyfriend)  and I used to have a passion for photography which worked out so well for us. He used to  love photography and I modelling.  He used to be my favorite photographer until my friend picked up her professional camera. Back then he was a student, so he had more time for photography until he eventually graduated and got a full-time job.

Our weekends in 2015 mainly consisted of lazing around the house watching TV shows in bed and eating out when hungry. And I thought it would be nice to do an activity we both love to do together, apart from playing cards and watching TV shows.  I also wanted to take more pictures of myself before I, well,  grow older — when posing in front of the camera and posting portraits on social media is  no longer considered appropriate for my age; I don’t know when it will be but it will definitely come one day!   I also want to  collect good pictures of myself throughout the year,  not just iphone selfies.

I wanted to have a small photo shoot  each week. Nothing fancy — just self portraits. And maybe some  #ootd photos for instagram. I thought of posting a photo (or two or as many as I think is good) on my Facebook page each week. I am not sure if I can keep up with that, and also I’m not sure if my husband (who is going to be my main photographer throughout the year) can keep up with that. But the first one photo shoot turned out to be pretty good than expected given  that the photographer and I had a little friction and argument right before and yesterday.

I’ve also been maintaining my skin so well and I’m also using good make-up products. My skin in the photos  were mainly retouched for imperfections. But this morning, the only thing I used to cover up my face imperfections was just a good concealer. Hubby is not patient in retouching photos and I just don’t know how to use Photoshop.  So here it goes.


I’m very much happy with my makeup

Except, my eyelids could have been a little less puffy.  But I’m good.


Whole body portrait for my #ootd

Okay, we couldn’t go further. The photo session happened just at the children’s playground next to our apartment blocks.  I’m glad that my outfit is grey scale so that it doesn’t clash with the colorful background.


My favorite photo of the shoot

I posted this photo on my Facebook timeline. I even kinda got mad when one of my former colleague/friend implied that it was photoshopped.  Well, he was just probably trying to annoy me like he used to before.



Here are the rest



I have to say our first photo shoot went well. I made it happen with what I have without shopping for anything new, although I can’t guarantee that it will still be the case in next coming weeks 😉 If I plan to do it weekly for the rest of the year,  I’m gonna run out of clothes to wear, places to go and ideas to pose (not that I’m a good poser).

I didn’t think of blogging about it until I talked to my friend this morning and I thought it would be a good idea to keep it written even if I don’t continue to do so about the rest of the  photo shoots.

Note:  there wasn’t a week 1, because this is the first time we did it. I’m gonna name them according to the calendar weeks!



6 thoughts on “Week 2 – rekindled love?”

  1. Very nice photos. You look pretty. You facial expression in the 5th photo would be my favorite of the bunch. You had that subtle smile on your face and it kinda stood out.

      1. Oh last night those photos appeared one by one. But now they are in a collage. It was the one with playground as the backdrop with you standing in front of it. Not the orange one.

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