I shopped with my boyfriend.

We’ve been shopping clothes, accessories, bags and shoes previous two days.
Clothes for both of us for a special occasion and a nice handbag for my mom.

1st Day when I got my paycheck I rang him to come and fetch me and we went shopping together after dinner.
I was actually looking for a nice dress and a pair of new shoes and some girl’s accessories.
Since it was long time we never shopped, I also wanted to browse around the mall.
There was a Sale for women handbags; “Different brands, different designs and different discounts”

different color bags

Although the first priority item I was looking for was “dress”, I looked around the bags because I saw them first.
At the beginning, my boyfriend was giving me opinions for handbags – he was helping me choose the right one for my old-fashioned mom, too. But as you know, I didn’t mean to buy on the spot even if I thought i had found a good one I still wanted to look out some more! There he was impatient, he asked me what I was looking for. And he showed his impatience.


So, I had to head down for ‘a dress’ which I told him I was looking for. Then only he was enthusiastic again and helped me find one suitable beautiful short dress within my price range. We got it.

He was kind of urging me to buy shoes and belt at the same shop Although he did not mention it directly, he rushed me choose one as fast as possible. We managed to buy one, (Maybe i wasn’t very choosy or it was just beautiful). But my point is, he didn’t want to continue walking me along the shopping. So, it was just at the end of our first day shopping.

Yesterday was 2nd day! We shopped again!

hand bag

We went down to the same store that I found a good bag for mom. I bought the bag and some skin care too. I was very happy because it is the first time ever in my life that I’m buying for mom with my own money – money that i earned. After buying the bag, I looked out for matching slipper because mom has the habit of choosing bag and slipper of the same color whenever possible. He sat down on one stool in shoes store and was playing with his phone. He reasoned that he was tired (he was staying at home and I just finished working for the day). ARgh, forget about it. I didn’t get the matching slippers, too.


But good thing, I could get him a very nice shirt with a matching tie. The color of his tie matches that of my dress. We will look very cool when we dress up together like this. Haha!

Today is the electronics Day!


We went to buy a mobile handset for mom and some suitable present for my dad, too.
So we headed down to a digital mall after dinner. I happened to buy a handset after 2 steps from the entrance. Yes! practically after 2 steps because the shop was just at the entrance. It was nice and cool but I could have looked around the whole mall before making the decision. Never mind, again. It was my decision after all.


After we’ve got the handset, he recommended to go up to top floor where there’s an enormous electronic store. While going up the escalator, I saw a stationery shop 2 floors before the shop. So unconsciously, I headed my direction towards that stationery store but he forcefully turned me round to the escalator !_! I got pissed that time because we were not looking for anything in particular. Out of my interest, I wanted to look around the stationery store. I just wanted to look around! to window-shop!!! But he stopped me!

No matter how much he says he loves me, he’s never patient in shopping with me.

Would you prefer shopping alone to shopping with your partner?
I think I’d better shop alone sometimes (it’s a bit boring though)

8 thoughts on “Shopping”

  1. No, shop with your girlfriends. Not only it’s boring, but it’s also a bit awkward to shop ALONE since you have nobody else to give you suggestions or give you comments when you try something on. When it comes to choosing between two items, it’s better to have a partner with you. Shopping partner, I mean. I mostly go shopping with my little sister. I go with my friend sometimes, but we have very different taste in shopping. (Since I only have one close friend in Yangon, you might know who I’m referring to.) I love my friend, but sometimes she recommended me very ridiculous things. I told her hundreds of times that I didn’t like this kind of thing or that kind of thing, but she always showed me the kind of items I DETEST!! For example, I like dark jeans. I mean I prefer them to light ones. No matter how many times I have told her that I want dark jeans, she would show me or tell me to try on the light ones.  Of course, I know it’s because she likes it. Or maybe, I’m just being too picky. That’s why I always had to try so hard not to sound insulting when refusing. πŸ˜› Oh, I also hate shoes with little diamond-like stones. It’s just too shiny. But, when they fall off, the shoe will totally look different. And yes, she loves shoes with little diamonds. So just imagine how to go shopping with her. But again, my friends were afraid of going shopping with me, since I’m so uber-duber picky & choosy! I guess my little sister is my best shopping partner. She has some sense of fashion. It’s always good to hang out with her. It’s sad she’s going away in 3 weeks. =( My boyfriend, well … I know he’s also one of those who is afraid of going shopping with me, or helping me find something. I know he tried so hard, but sometimes he really ended up yawning or getting distracted. He also said the same thing, “I’m tired.” I remember that there was one time I needed shoes and went shopping with nicky, but at last, I stopped looking around and just headed back home because he said he was getting sleepy. hehe …. Of course I know I was choosy. But I wanted to find the right one for me. I have a ridiculous-kind-of-shaped feet, and it’s always hard to find the right shoes for me. Especially when I had ideal design of shoes illustrated in my mind. They never had it. So I felt depressed too since none of the shoes would fit me. I felt depressed and hopeless. I might have been angry because I couldn’t find the right shoes, and his yawn just added up some fury to me. I headed back home at once, and didn’t talk to him AT ALL on the way back home. I yelled at him furiously when I got home in front of my mom and my sisters.Poor him! I really feel bad about it when I re-think about it. Well, that’s kind of when I decided to go shopping with somebody else but not him.Let alone shopping for big items like dresses, bags or accessories, I even love looking around in super markets for FOOD!!!I always browsed stalls one after another for buying snacks and things.Nicky didn’t like it! He always asked me, “what do you really want??” So, girl, what I wanna tell you is that … you are not alone. Sorry my comment is way too long!!!

  2. @kyalzinlay – thanks for the comment kyal.Seemed like you got my feeling .. haha But too bad, i do not have ‘girlfriends’ out here.Yeah .. practically ‘none’ I didn’t have much frds at school and the schooling time was short too.And at my work place, i do not have a girl of my age. Too bAd

  3. I don’t like to go shopping with my bf. He is very patient and wants to shop with me all the time, but I don’t want to go shopping with him because I feel so bad that he has to wait for me, and there is nothing really in the stores that would interest him. so, I usually go shopping with my girl friends. We always have a blast. Also, they give me great advice what to buy and what not to buy. My bf is not that good in fashion department.  I trust my girl friends in fashion so I always go shopping with them, but sometimes, i have to go shopping by myself because everyone is busy.

  4. @kyalzinlay – lol when I go shopping by myself, I am not shopping for me. I am getting a gift for my best friends, and I usually shopping with them. So, I can’t go shopping with them for their presents from me. So, I go buy myself. It’s not boring because I already know what I will get for them and know what they like so it’s quick. Other time, I always go shopping with them!!! =)

    1. I remember we were shopping for my trip back home and a special occasion before I went back. That’s why my dress matching with his tie. It was once-in-a -while occasion, 3 days consecutive though.

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